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The High Priestess of Holy Sh*t
at The Church of Beloved Presence

The High Priestess of Holy Shit at the Church of Beloved Presence. Abba of the Unshushables.

We are the Lovers and Guardians of Earth. We are here for visionaries speaking truth to power.

Your creative arts are f*cking important. Creatives are the shamans of the modern world, encouraging humanity to evolve and connect and grow.

You came here with a vision and a message. Sharing your truth is scary, but we need you to be brave.

We need to be Unshushable.

We're also a little inappropriate and tend to swear. A little. Sh*t.

Creative Biz
- all biz content. Make your biz work

Learn to Art - materials demos, workshops, tips and techniques to improve your skills.

My big face in your face. Helloooooo from the woods!!!
You matter. Your contributions are needed and necessary.

You feel the call of Earth to be a Guardian. You are the Earth speaking on behalf of your Self. 

You speak Truth to Power.

In Art. In Words.

You seek fellowship and support and guidance to stay true to this vague and wavering path to use your gifts and talents to bring awareness to our evolution as a species.

We are crossing the heart bridge and you can see the world As it Could Be. 

You are a Visionary. You are here to share your vision. 

We are here to help. 

Take good care,


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My website and emails will contain swears... like
f*ck and sh*t and all kinds of f*cking sh*t like that. 

If you consider this inappropriate or offensive - please don't subscribe. 

I am not for you. 

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